meesho reseller app the dropshipping of India

Hey in this post I am going to tell you about meesho reseller app which is going to help you a lot and earn a lot of money by just sitting at home and surfing the internet.

Somewhere in life, we do think of starting our own business or doing something which totally independent according to our convenience.

Here in this blog, I have figured out an app which is meesho app where thousands of people are working and earning by just sitting at home specially women who are housewives and students studying in colleges.

If you eagerly looking to make passive extra income then meesho app is for you, its very easy to use without any investment, yes you read it right without zero investment you don’t have to pay any money,

You don’t even need to worry about tedious tasks of packaging or delivering the product.

step by step guide to download the app

To use app you just need to download the meesho app from google play store 

Register your mobile number in the app, you don’t have to provide any email or other details that are generally required in registration.

By registering become meesho app reseller

Click here to download the app

This app is authentic as it has been downloaded by more than 5 million users with a rating of 4.5 on google play store.

After registering the mobile number you will  find lot of categories 

Choose a category whose products seem easier for you to sell based upon interest you need to choose the products.

After selecting products from category you are ready to sell

You can share catalog or share each product of catalogs separately

Share it in your WhatsApp groups and facebook marketplace, or Instagram,

Ordering I meesho app

Once you receive your order from social media platform you just have  to do following of the methods

Select product from your meesho app adds it to your cart by selecting size and its various filters which the customer has shared with you such as size, color , address, and various details.

In the payment section, if the customer is not ready to give you bank details ask them to paytm or COD as a payment option.

Now comes the main part of the app that how much you are going to earn from the orders which you are placing for customers

Decide your profit margin out of the total price

Suppose product price is 600rs and shipping charges if 70 so total cost of a product comes out to be 700

Above this you can place your profit margin there is no limit to it, so here I am deciding as 100 then the total costs of the product become 800 which your customer needs to pay.  Based upon the type of product you can decide your profit margin.

After placing an order you just don’t need to do anything, you just have to wait for shipment and delivery of the product which will be handled by meesho itself

As soon as your customer receives the product you will receive your profit in your linked account within 10 days.

Meesho is definitely something which can solve your money problem,

Touching weekly targets in meesho  app enables you to receive a lot of bonus

So all you need to do is just, brwose shares and earn by sitting anywhere in the world.

By doing this you can earn thousands and thousands of money in a single month you just need to use social media platforms, 

I will surely recommend you to use meesho app for selling the products and living a free life.

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