Migrants Registration Portal [State Wise] Links Interstate Travel In Lockdown

migrants registration portal

Migrant Registration portal After a month of lockdown, the government of various states have given major lockdown relaxation to the migrants, tourists, labours, students to various states across the country.

To help migrants and other stranded individuals the state government has launched for migrants registration portal for interstate movement. 

Central Government has issued few guidelines to the state government for stranded people, If you or your relatives are stranded outside the state then you need to read the article.

Migrants registration portal COVID- 19 Help

The lockdown in the country has been extended yet again this is the third time government of India has extended its lockdown due to the increase in coronavirus cases.

this Extention of lockdown has led major concern for the state as well as the central government

So, now the central government has asked the state government to collect data of their respective citizens who are stranded outside the state

to collect data of stranded people various states have launched websites.

The central government has also made compulsory to install Arogya Setu app to all stranded migrants, tourists, labor, students so that proper tracing of corona infected persons is possible.

Migrants Registration Portal State-wise link

As of now, only a few states have launched their Registration websites for migrants, we will keep lists updating.

Keep visiting below Table for regular updates.

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Details required to submit within the portal

People within the registration form you will have to submit your details in order that the govt may assist you :
The portal requires following of details

  • Name of the applicants
  • Mobile number
  • Aadhaar number
  • State you’ve got stranded
  • Status of Aarogya setu app
  • Gender
  • Category of the applicant
  • Age
  • Number of relations
  • Migrant Worker Registration Portal Online

After various state urged to the central government that they wanted to evacuate their stranded citizen who is facing numerous issues during this era of pandemic and now today after having an extended conference with the state chief minister the central government issued the advisory into this and therefore the state government started their preparation in order that they will bring their people to their home.

Steps Should be Taken by the States for bringing back migrants
In the advisory, the MHA has said that each one state and UTs must designate their nodal authorities in order that they’ll send and receive stranded people.
And if the group is moving from one place to a different then, therein case, the government must mutually agree and supply the transportation for them with maintaining social distance.
Every person must be screened and people who aren’t found any symptoms would be allowed to proceed.
The buses organized for this function should be properly sanitized and must follow the norm of social distancing while seating.
Those states who fall into the transit route must allow them in order that they will go their home safely.
When the people reach their destination safely then the local health authorities must keep these people in-home quarantine or in their institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the government issue order for the movement of a migrant worker who is stranded?
The government has issued the order today for the movement of migrant workers.

I am a migrant worker stranded in Delhi how am i able to attend my home Uttar Pradesh?
You need to fill the registration form which can be launched by the government .

Where am I able to get the link for the registration form?
The links are available in the article

What are the documents do i want to submit within the registration form?
You need to submit your Aadhaar card, and other documents because it may vary according to your state portal.

Is it true that do I have to submit mobile No within Aarogya setu app?
Yes, it is recommended to submit your mobile number in and your status in Aarogya setu app

Will the govt provide us the transportation service or we’d have to rearrange it?
If you’ve got your vehicle then you would like to submit its details within the registration form, if not then the govt will provide you the transportation service.

Will the govt send us our home immediately or they’re going to keep us in quarantine?
According to the advisory, you’ll be sent to your home after doing a checkup and you would like to be in-home quarantine but in some cases, the govt will keep you in quarantine in their places.