Our small team is growing fast.

And there's no better time to hop aboard.

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Don't get tied to a limited salary. Enjoy the freedom of freelancing without worrying about finding new clients.


As long as there's no conflict of interest, you can work however you want - anywhere, anytime - just get shit done.

Get experience

No previous work experience? No problem. Haven't graduated yet? No problem. If you really fit in, you'll get the job anyway.

Open positions

Business Development

The more deals you close, the more you earn.

  • Amazeballs communication skills
  • A calm, cool head

Content Writer

No, it's not "just blog writing".

  • Amazing vocabular and grammar
  • Ability to write creative as well as factual content.

Not sure where you fit in?

Don't see anything specific, but would love to work with us? Let us know. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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Top reasons to
work at Cuber

Talent over degrees

Planning on showing us a degree? Show us something cool you made instead.

Flexible hours

We understand that you have a life. As a student, juggling work and studies can be difficult. We make sure you don't miss out.

Learning Weekends

Every Saturday, team members presents on a topic of their choice. This is a great opportunity to learn and pick up new skills.

Open layout

No cubicles! Everyone is accessible, just down the table. No appointments needed. Just holler.

Pet projects!

Have an idea you want to take for a spin? Want to build a Death Star? Here's the opportunity. Go nuts.

Relaxed atmosphere

It's as chilled out as it gets. You can sit in your pyjamas, wired in, discussing ideas over chai-sutta (or coffee-sutta, if that's your thing).


We encourage and support people of all sexual preferences, genders, races, and ethnicities to come and work at Cuber.

No B-teams

We only build A-teams. We're perfectionists. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Ideas over egos

It doesn't matter what your title is. We want people with opinions, not yes-sirs.


Want to sign up for a training course? Attend a conference? We'll cover any expenses we can.

Other companies have perks. We have the Cuber experience.

What happens after you get in touch

We take a look at what you've sent us (duh).

We invite you to an in-person interview if you qualify.

If we think you'll be a great fit at Cuber, you're in.

While you're working hard, Cuber provides you with the right tools and environment to do so. On Day One, we take you into the family with a welcome kit. Every day, you'll do your best work, and there will be plenty to celebrate - be it project launches, anniversaries or birthdays.

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